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Web Development & Web Design

As an application developer, I stand for individual solutions.

You have an idea and don't know if and how it can be implemented?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with something that doesn't yet exist?

I am here to make your ideas become reality.

My aspirations are elegant and above all individual solutions.

What is important to me is the cooperation with you.

Do you have an idea, an idea or a problem which needs a solution?

I would be happy to create a concept together with you.

about me

I am a freelancer in the field of programming, development and design

I've always had a strong interest in technology and everything where you can create something yourself.

After my GCE A-levels, I studied mechanical engineering at the TU Ilmenau for 4 semesters.

Then I changed to the field of programming and completed my company training here.

During my apprenticeship and after my graduation in 2017, I was able to gain a lot of experience working on various projects.

My strength lies in my diversity.

I am nobody who is simply satisfied with what there is, but always looking for new possibilities and solutions.

I am always looking forward to the next project and the next problem to be solved.

range of services


  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SVG
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • MySQL

Furthermore, I always search for the optimal solution for each project in order to implement the project according to the best knowledge and conscience according to the current state of the art.


  • web applications

    From simple data collection to the management and organization of complex processes and structures, with a web application, you get a powerful and customized tool that you can access from anywhere.

  • Plugins

    With individual plugins, you can turn any standard website into individual experience. Expand your possibilities and the functionality of your website exactly as you want it.

  • Websites

    Whether you just want to share some information or you need an individual CMS. The most important thing is not to get lost in the crowd. By individuality, you inspire not only your visitors but also yourself. Because who likes to spend hours working on the functionality of any standard solution, which somehow has to fit for everything, if the website can also adapt to your own needs and thus also make your life easier?

Contact me

No matter if a business customer or a private person.

I will be happy to help you find the ideal solution.

Simply use the form below to describe your request. Together we will find your individual solution.