ec Image


4.6 to 5.1.1

5.6.0 or higher

What is ec Image?

ec Image delivers images on demand exactly as you need them.

With the help of ec Image, it is possible to convert images of any format to the correct format, so you don't have to worry about how and where the image is displayed when selecting / uploading.

Or in how many formats you need it.

For which systems is the plugin available?

Currently, the plugin is available for Wordpress.

If you need this plugin in another system, don't hesitate to contact me.

What are the typical use cases?

You have a website with many images, which are provided e.g. by an API in many different sizes.

You display your images in many different sizes, but only need the individual sizes for some images.

You want to save storage space by only generating image formats when they are really needed.


Format selection for scaling as you need.


Images always have the specified format and aspect ratio. The image always covers the whole format. Perfect for background or separator images.


Images always have the specified format and aspect ratio. The image is always completely visible within the format. The free space between image and format is filled in. Perfectly suited for product images and images whose aspect ratio is important for the design.


The aspect ratio corresponds to that of the image. The image is scaled to fit the format. The image is always displayed completely. Perfect for images where the aspect ratio is not important for the design.

Always visible what you want.

If an image is cropped it is important to decide what should be visible and what not. ec Image offers you the possibility to specify a focus point for each image. The image is then always cropped so that the focus point of the image is always visible.

Image generation on demand

The image formats are only generated and saved the first time they are displayed on the website. This allows you to create as many formats as you need without having to worry about additional storage space.

Replacing and blocking standard formats

ec Image offers the possibility to prevent the generation of standard formats. Furthermore, a replacement format can be selected for each standard format. This displays the selected format instead of the standard format.


Install ec Image like any other Wordpress plugin.

Download the plugin from my repository and unzip it into the Plugins folder in your Wordpress installation.

Activate the plugin in the admin menu under Plugins.

Test ec Image for free

If you want to use ec Image to its full extent and with all functions unrestricted, you need an account on my site.

Go to the settings of ec Image and enter your license data here.

After the license confirmation ec Image is fully available to you.

Known Issues

Any known issues and bugs can be found in the Issue Tracker of the repository.