ec Layer

What is ec layer?

With the help of ec Layer you can quickly and easily display a layer on your website that provides your visitors with important information at a glance.

For which systems is the plugin available?

Because ec Layer is a pure Javascript plugin, it is independent of your system.

The script is executed in the visitor's browser as long as he has not deactivated Javascript.

All you have to do is embed the corresponding script tag on your website.

What are typical use cases?

I personally use the plugin on my website to display a privacy notice.

But the purposes are practically unlimited.

  • privacy notice
  • notes to special offers
  • references to events or events
  • reference to limited availability due to holidays
  • note to changed address or phone number
  • notes to job offers
  • and much more


When setting up the plugin, many aspects can be individually designed.

  • design and size of the layer
  • texts, font color and font size
  • additional buttons with individual texts and links


To use the plugin on your website you have to create an account on my site.

In the website overview just click on the "JS" button to get a list of all Javascript plugins.

Here you can easily activate and set up ec layer.

Now you only have to add the corresponding script tag to your website.